What's New in ASP.NET 2.0?

.NET 1.x versions brought revolution in the Programming World and came up with features which were a blessing to developers with most of the plumbing work like Authentication, Sessions, Caching were automatically managed by .NET.

.NET 2.0 version has more to be happy about.

For now I will just list the new features in Whidbey and in the subsequent articles explain about each of the features.

1. CLR Integration with SQL Server

2. New Validation Controls, Validation Groups

3. Improved Caching

4. More than 50 new controls like GridView, DetailsView which offer a seamless ease for displaying data with just a few clicks and configuration.

5. Personalization made easy as never before.

6. Website Administration and User Management made easier than before.

7. WebParts, MasterPages, Themes making Developer's life easier.

8. Extensibility for Mobile Rendering.

9. New features in C# such as Generics, Anonymous Methods.

There are many more other new features which have been discussed in many other resources as well as would be explained in my future articles.

Cheers and Happy Programming!

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