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Stylecop has been released at

The release notes follow:
Allow case sensitivity in the deprecated words and recognised words list
Styleing fixes.
Fix for documentation spelling checks inside nested xml nodes.
Look for CustomDictionary.xml files in the folder of the cs file.
Update the TabIndex in the spelling tab.
Updating default deprecated words and their alternatives.
Add support for specifying dictionary folders in the settings.StyleCop file. Like :
Rename StyleCopViolationError to StyleCopHighlightingError and all associated types.
Fix the Bulb Item for spelling mistakes to replace matching words correctly.
Fix the spelling parser for strings beginning with $$
THREADING FIX: Make StyleCop execute analysis in proces and not create 2 threads. Use Countdown Event when we move to .NET 4.
Use the naming service for the Culture specified for the project. Pass the actual violation through to ReSharper.
Ensure Registry access code works for VS2008 addins.
Rollback Registry changes to ensure VS2008 plugin loads correctly.
Adding support for preferred alternative words for spelling. Adding deprecated word support into Settings.StyleCop file. Spelling is only checked if Office 2010 is installed. Allow editing of deprecated words and their alternatives in the Settings editor.
Adding new resource strings
Adding BulbItem and Quick fixes for spelling errors.
Moving StringExtensions to common area.
Styling fixes.
Report all spelling errors found on a line.
Start of dev.
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