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Stylecop has been released at

The release notes follow:
Move Registry functions into common Utils class. Styling fixes.
Dictionary updates
Styling fixes.
Update Styling.
Styling fixes.
Update docs.
Spelling fixes in our own source.
Add solution specific spellings to our own Settings.StyleCop
Deploy more up to date spelling checkers and dictionaries.
Update our own StyleCop and dictionaries for analyzing our own build.
Update the custom dictionaries.
Update the spellchecker to work for 32 or 64 bit processes.
Update latex parser.
Update the latex parser for $$...$$
Fix the latex parser to allow any char between $ and $
Add a new tab to the settings editor to add/remove spelling words. Ignore words starting and ending with a '$'. Add support for our own recognized words in the settings file. If the spelling library can't load then dont analyse the spellings and fail gracefully.
Fix for 7398. Insert the correct type-name in the example for summary.
Fix for 7396. Added new tests. All doc elements to end with <c> elements and not be reported for lack of white-space or too short.

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