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Stylecop has been released at

The release notes follow:
  • Add docs for new SA1650 spelling rule.
  • Fix for 7395. Dont remove parenthesis around await expressions.
  • Insert a returns element into docs within a see element.
  • Update our tools folder StyleCop dll's
  • fix for 7392. Insert generic type docs for return types correctly.
  • Fix for 7393. Allow documentation elements with attributes to end the string and still be valid.
  • Make sure the MSBuild Task logs the warning id and type of exception. Unless the description field holds all this info VS cannot show the text in the Error List.
  • Load custom dictionaries for multiple cultures. For a culture like en-GB; we load CustomDictionary.xml, then look for CustomDictionary.en-GB.xml and then CustomDictionary.en.xml
  • Update standard shipping dictionaries.
  • Element documentation spelling fixes.
  • Reduce the standard dictionary
  • Update our own devbuild StyleCop checks.
  • Don't check spelling of xml documentation attributes are anything inside¬† <c> or <code> elements.
  • Update Styling
  • Styling update.
  • Add timestamps for all the dependant files into the StyleCopResults.cache. Add a FileSystemWatcher to all custom dictionary files.
  • Write out the full violation into the StyleCopResults.cache.
  • Change a rules description text.
  • Styling fixes.
  • Styling fixes.
  • NEW RULE: Check Spelling Of Element Documetation. Fix over 2000 spelling errors in our source code. Update the VS addin to show the rule violation in more detail. Add spelling checker to the deployment.
  • Set our own Culture to en-US
  • Documentation spelling fixes.
  • First draft of the documentation spelling checker.
  • Fix for 7325. Don't throw 1126 in goto statements.
  • Fix for 7090. Add TargetsDir to registry during install.
  • Fix for 7060. Sort usings after moving them inside namespace.
  • Fix FxCop issues.
  • Fix for 7389. Detect CpuCount on Unix/MAC
  • Fix for 6788. Allow opening curly brackets for scope. Added new tests.
  • Updating constants.Fix for 7167. Show version number of StyleCop in VS Help window.
  • Only output StyleCop excluded files if there are any.

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