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Re-Sharper is an excellent aid to producing good code in either C# or VB.NET. Recently through using Resharper and StyleCop, I have found three area where ReSharper needs to be improved. Please log into the YouTrack at and vote for the following:

RSRP-268868 Improvement to removal of redundant else and invert if optimisations for enhanced stylecop compliance.

When Resharper removes a redundant else, there needs to be a blank line added. Currently there is no provision to specify this. Please vote for this!

RSRP-272286 Resharper Feature Request to move initialisation to static constructor

Currently ReSharper offers moving initialisation of of non-static variable to a constructor. Why not offer the same for a static constructor?  Please vote for this!

RSRP-272285 Expansion of Switch Statement by Resharper

Currently ReSharper will fill an empty switch statement based upon an enumeration but will not add missing enumeration values to such a switch statement.


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Great, this is really informative.
Thanks for great post.
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